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Archetypal Astrology Readings

Learn about patterns in yourself and your relationships through your astrological chart.

Natal Charts and Transits

Natal Chart readings look at the time and place of your birth as reflecting a cosmic pattern that correlates to the qualities you carry with you. Transits compare future moments in time to the blueprint established in the natal chart.

Relationship Patterns

Composite and synastry charts explore the charts of two individuals. Synastry looks at the aspects and relationships between the two individual charts, while composite charts create a single chart of the relationship itself.

Archetypal Tarot

Archetypal Tarot readings utilize the same concept of cosmic patterning and synchronicity to learn more about a person or situation. Tarot allows us to ask specific questions and then reveal what the unconscious wants us to know about them.

We are driven by values

Astrological consulting can help you see the patterns in career, relationships, spiritual path, and much more. The goal of a session is to help you more clearly understand patterns in your life to inform your understanding and choices.